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welcome to your 2017-2018 NEBriowa District board!

2021-2022 District Board

Executive Board

The Nebraska-Iowa District Board includes four executive board positions: Governor, Secretary, Bulletin Editor, and Webmaster. They are voted for by representatives at the House of Delegates at District Convention. It is the executive board's job to oversee the district and assist the Lieutenant Governors in running the district successfully! Your executive board is extremely excited to work with you to have an amazing year of service so feel free to contact them with any questions, comments, or concerns that you have! 

Keerthana Balakrishnan B.jpg
Shreya Kulkarni B.jpg
Carrisa Andorf B.jpg
IMG_5768 - Anjali Addagarla.JPG
Hannah Song B.jpg

Lieutenant Governors

The Nebraska-Iowa District Board includes seven Lieutenant Governors (abbreviated Lt. Governor or LTG). These seven board members serve as a liaison between clubs and the district. They are responsible for supporting and growing the clubs in their area. Each LTG sends out a monthly newsletter to each of their clubs that includes information on upcoming district events and happenings. Lieutenant Governors are elected at District Convention and serve for the next year. These nine motivated individuals are so excited to work with fellow Key Clubbers this year. Be sure to check out their individual pages to learn a little more about your LTG and let them know what is happening in your club!

Tayln Angus B.jpg
Christina-LTG 2.JPEG
Cassidy Bell B.jpg
Blake Corbishier B.jpg
Wenjun Liu B.jpg
Michael Huang B.jpg

District Administrators

The Nebraska-Iowa District Board includes three District Administrators (DAs) and one Assistant Administrator. It is the duty of the DAs to help guide and support the District Board. They would be glad to help with any questions, comments, or concerns, you may have, so feel free to contact them!

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Ron Petsch B.jpg
Kiwanis Advisor
Cooper Domgard B.jpg
Kiwanis Advisor
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