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Monthly International Spotlight

August 2023: 

      Whether you are wanting more help or are wanting to help others this school year, Schoolhouse is perfect for you. Schoolhouse is a free peer tutoring program. Schoolhouse was created by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. Schoolhouse can help you with math homework and SAT prep all for free. They have live one-on-one tutors to help in math (Pre-Algebra to Calculus) available every weekday 6PM-10PM CST.  Schoolhouse has already helped more than 41,000 learners. If you would like to become a tutor you can sign up using this link.

      This summer they have offered a Summer Camp. There are 2 sessions left this month, the first being Sal Q&A’s. This session will take place on August 16th and will give you the opportunity to ask the co-founder, Sal Khan, the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. In case you can't make it on the zoom call the entire session will be recorded and posted online. On August 31st the final Session, Community Events, will take place and serve as a send off to the school year. To learn more about the summer session click this link.


For more information, visit

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