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Governor's Project

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"Hey Key Clubbers, are you ready to make a difference? Join the fundraising efforts for Erika's Lighthouse and help raise money for this incredible organization. Erika's Lighthouse is dedicated to raising awareness, reducing stigma, educating students, promoting good mental health, and encouraging help-seeking.

Through classroom education, teen empowerment, family engagement, and school staff involvement, Erika's Lighthouse creates a supportive environment for mental health. The Nebraska-Iowa Governors Project aims to raise $2,500, enabling the organization to onboard a new school and provide them with an evidence-informed curriculum and programs.

To ensure widespread participation, you can play a vital role. Start by creating materials that guide others on how to host successful fundraisers. To celebrate the success of clubs, we will be shining the spotlight on their achievements. The club that raises the most money will be recognized with a special award. As for fundraising ideas, consider organizing a "Run your Race" event, hosting a community walk, or throwing a fun-filled party. These initiatives will generate funds and bring people together to support this important cause. Your participation can make a real difference in the lives of many. Key Club, let's get started and unlock hope!" 
- Carissa Andorf, Nebraska-Iowa Key Club District Governor
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