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District  Convention


2023 DCON Agenda

(view a more detailed agenda here)

  • Keynote speakers

  • Workshops

  • Elections

  • Talent Show: Bring any talent or performance you would like to showcase!

  • T-shirt Contest: Bring your club's t-shirt design to win the Club T-shirt Contest!

Learn more about the contests in the Awards Packet


What is DCON? 

District Service and Leadership Convention is the time for Neb-Iowa Key CLub members to meet each other, learn about Key Club, develop leadership skills, earn recognition for their club, and participate in service projects.


Who can go?

Any member is eligible to attend, and the District highly encourages each club to send ​at least​ two members to act as delegates in the election process. 


What to pack?

Look at the 2023 DCON Packing List


What do we do at DCON?

The District Board is retired, and a new Board is elected

A club in good standing is entitled to two delegates to vote on behalf of their club

 Any member in good standing with the District is eligible to run for any position on the Board or for endorsement for International Office


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  2. Click the orange apple button on the linked page

  3. Download the app and explore!

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